Valeria Reyes
July 14, 1997 - Nov 20 2009
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If you are reading this is because you care about Valeria....for that THANKS!! Thanks for your interest, your love and your prayers!

The Story

Our princess, Valeria, was born JULY 14,-1997 at Bayamón, PR, where she resided until March 10, 2005 when our lives totally changed. Our only girl (we have another 3 boys) was diagnosed with a brain tumor in PR. That same day we came to New York referred by the PR doctors. Her tumor was 4cm and surgery was not an option, due to its location (left Thalamus - Mid Brain). At NYU Hospital doctors decided to treat the Stage III - IV tumor with chemotherapy and radiation, but after 5 months of treatment tumor grew up to 7cm. It was the end to any other that were ready to surrender, but not us!!! We were not ready for the "quality of live option", so we went to 2 more hospitals in NY for opinions, but nothing came better..except a 3rd hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center! They offered us a "trial treatment", which we started on August 29, 2005. Since then God had being in total control...contrary to any prognosis Valeria's tumor is now (09-09) just 2.5cm x 2.2cm. The formal diagnosis is High Grade Anaplastic Astrocytoma.  Her second effects during the treatment had being minimum, except back on September 2005 when she started to have a serious weakness on her right side of the body due to tumor growing.  Now she is a lot better with physical and occupational therapy two times a week each she can walk better, even run!!  On her right leg she uses a brace to help her walk without damaging her knee ligaments.  Her right arm has strengh again but the motor skills are not back yet, so she learned to write and do all her things with the left hand.  Valeria as any other girl who loves "girl things" TV,specially Disney Channel, make art & crafts, sing, dance, go to movies, the park, make friends, etc...

Here at New York she is in Home School...her teacher, Cathy Fenton,  is literally an ANGEL. That has help Valeria on her selfconfidence and feel normal. Taking care of us is also TEAM CONTINUUM, a foundation that is helping during our stay in NYC in many ways.  That is why Valeria's father, GERARDO REYES, ran for first time the 2006 NYC Marathon with Team Continuum Runners and Fund raised for the foundation.  On 2009 Valeria was honored by her father running the NYC Marathon on Nov. 1st and raising fund for TEAM CONTINUUM.

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 In the Journal Section we will keep you updated about Valeria's progress. 

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With love,

Nayda & Gerardo, Gerardito, Valeria, Máximo y Gustavo


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