“I Want To Be”

By Valeria Reyes (English)
Look at me, what do you see?
I am just a normal girl
Just like you
Yes, just like you
I am
 I want to be something more than this
This is ok
But I want to be something more
I want to be a super star
Flying over land and in the skies
I want to be the one who sings
Who sings over land and in the skies
I want to swim through waters
I want to sing everywhere I go
I want to be a super star
Flying here, here, and here
I want to fly everywhere
I want to be a super star
Oh, oh
I want to be something more!



Quiero Ser”

por Valeria Reyes (Spanish)
Mírame que tu vez
Soy una niña normal
Solo como tu
Si como tú
Y ahora soy...
 Yo quiero ser algo más que esto
Esto está bien
Pero yo quiero algo más
Yo quiero ser una súper estrella
Volando por cielo y por tierra también 
Yo quiero ser la que te canta
Te canta por cielo y por tierra también
Yo quiero nadar por agua
Yo quiero cantar donde quiera
Yo quiero ser una súper estrella 
Volando aquí, aquí, y aquí
Yo quiero volar a todo lugar
Yo quiero ser una súper estrella 
Oh, oh
¡Yo quiero ser algo más!

The Story

​             Our princess, Valeria Reyes, was born on JULY 14, 1997 in Bayamón, PR, where she happily resided until March 10, 2005 when our lives totally changed. Our only girl, Valeria, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in PR. That same day we came to New York referred by the PR doctors.  Her 3 brothers; Gerardo Jr, Máximo and Gustavo joined us a month later. After  doctors evaluation  we were told that surgery was not an option due to its location.  So, at NYU Hospital doctors decided to treat the Stage III - IV tumor with chemotherapy and radiation, but after 5 months of treatment the aggressive tumor grew.

 It was the end to any other family that were ready to surrender, but not us!!! We were not ready for the "quality of life option", so we went to 2 more hospitals in NY for opinions, but nothing better came ..except a 3rd hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center!  They offered us a "trial treatment", which we started on August 2005. Since then God had total control...  At that time the prognosis for Valeria was an average of only 8 months to LIVE!!! But contrary to any  prognosis  of a High Grade Anaplastic Astrocytoma tumor ,Valeria survived 4 years over that!!!

During these 56 months Valeria went through several chemotherapies, 2 times of radiation, physical and occupational therapies, several port surgeries, more than 32 MRIs and was always blessed with GREAT recoveries, minimum complications or side effects. But also during those 56 months VALERIA decided to LIVE!! Valeria was always with FAITH in GOD, she had an incredible OPTIMISTIC ATTITUDE. Her obedience to doctors, nurses, staff, parents and most important to GOD was an example of a healthy mind that decided to LIVE within GOD’S protection no matter the circumstances!! She knew the power of PRAYING and it is true that she asked for her physical healing but she reached more than that. The LEVEL of UNDERSTANDING, the power to touch people and the PEACE VALERIA reached in her life had no limits. Valeria went to HEAVEN knowing it and accepting it in a BEAUTIFUL PEACE that I can’t explain.  For sure she was smarter than me and knew that she would be totally healed in heaven and from there she would be able to do more for ALL of US! Now she has no physical limitations to enjoy what she loved most …to dance and sing in the presence of GOD.

With her short stay on EARTH she showed to all of us the MIRACLE of LIFE, living to the FULLEST with no complaints and of course, Always A SMILE!! As she said:  “SMILES MAKE MIRACLES” What a girl! What a Champion!!

Thanks to all that she exemplifies we are here today CELEBRATING VALERIA’S LIFE…courage, strength, FAITH, hope, respect, obedience, LOVE, sharing, strong family relations, taking care of others, high values and happiness are only some of the words that represent Valeria.

Don’t waste your Life complaining, invest your time in counting your BLESSINGS!!!​